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Autonomous Artisans


I have been mentioned on the Autonomous Artisans blog! It is very exciting as I read the blog every day and so it’s amazing to see myself on there 🙂 Thelma was the lucky chicken to be spotted on Flickr and shown on the blog.


Albert & Gertrude

I have just listed two chicken paperweights in my Folksy shop. Firstly is Albert. He likes muddy puddles and poetry.


The second new member  of the flock is Gertrude. Her favourite things are Metallica and bubble baths.


Chicken paperweight

I’ve just finished my first paperweight which is basically a smaller version of my chicken doorstops. The idea is that all the people that tell me they love my doorstops but the dog would eat it, can now buy themselves a paperweight!


Apologies for the slightly crappy photo :s Now I need to make some more!

I Took The Handmade Pledge!
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