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First Folksy Sale!

I logged into my Folksy account today and found I had made my first sale! 😀


Rupert was the lucky chicken that was picked for adoption, and I only put him up for sale on Folksy last night!


Albert & Gertrude

I have just listed two chicken paperweights in my Folksy shop. Firstly is Albert. He likes muddy puddles and poetry.


The second new member  of the flock is Gertrude. Her favourite things are Metallica and bubble baths.



The other day I was featured on somebody elses blog for the first time ever! It wasn’t by a stranger but it was still very exciting, and so today I thought I would do the same for him, especially as his photos are awesome!

Dan is the papparazzi of jelly babies and tiny people. The photo above is called ‘Dead Jelly Baby’ and is available to buy in Dan’s Folksy shop. Below is one of his new pieces, this one is called ‘Creme Egg Farming’ and it can also be bought on Folksy.

Dan and his photos can be found on his website, on his blog, on Folksy and also on Etsy.

Textile art on Folksy

I have just listed two pieces of my textile art on Folksy.


This piece is called Twilight and is probably one of my favourite pieces so far.


This second piece is called Spring. Hopefully spring is just around the corner now and so this is the perfect piece to celebrate that.

Valentines Day


If any of you out there are still looking for Valentines gifts, or if you just like things that smell nice, then check out my Lavender hearts.


They are filled with home-grown lavender from my Mum and Dad’s garden and are made from reclaimed fabric, ribbon and yarn. You can get one from my Folksy shop or on my website.


I have just listed a new doorstop on Folksy.

oswaldThis is Oswald and his previous life was as a pair of jeans. He is quiet and well behaved and he would love to come and live with you, so head over to my Folksy shop to check him out!

Sew Recycled!

I absolutely love these Bunnies being sold by Sew Recycled! over at Folksy.

To make these bunnies even better, they are made from recycled and vintage materials. My personal favourite that is up for sale at the moment is Ruby:

I Took The Handmade Pledge!
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