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Autonomous Artisans


I have been mentioned on the Autonomous Artisans blog! It is very exciting as I read the blog every day and so it’s amazing to see myself on there 🙂 Thelma was the lucky chicken to be spotted on Flickr and shown on the blog.


First Folksy Sale!

I logged into my Folksy account today and found I had made my first sale! 😀


Rupert was the lucky chicken that was picked for adoption, and I only put him up for sale on Folksy last night!


I have just listed a new doorstop on Folksy.

oswaldThis is Oswald and his previous life was as a pair of jeans. He is quiet and well behaved and he would love to come and live with you, so head over to my Folksy shop to check him out!


Today I made a chicken doorstop especially for my fiance’s mum who has just had her birthday. We are spending the weekend with her so tomorrow he will be travelling to Winchester.


As always she is made from reclaimed fabric and filled with pearl barley.


Make your own labels

I thought I would put up a link to the tutorial I found on making your own fabric labels.

As I had some T-shirt transfer paper lying around I made myself some:


I’m pretty pleased with them and I think they look pretty good attached to chicken bottoms!


Chicken paperweight

I’ve just finished my first paperweight which is basically a smaller version of my chicken doorstops. The idea is that all the people that tell me they love my doorstops but the dog would eat it, can now buy themselves a paperweight!


Apologies for the slightly crappy photo :s Now I need to make some more!


Check out my latest listing on Folksy.


This is Patsy, a chicken doorstop. She is made from pre-loved fabric and filled with UK grown pearl barley. She is currently looking for somebody friendly to adopt her.

I Took The Handmade Pledge!
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