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Albert & Gertrude

I have just listed two chicken paperweights in my Folksy shop. Firstly is Albert. He likes muddy puddles and poetry.


The second new member  of the flock is Gertrude. Her favourite things are Metallica and bubble baths.



Handm@de Goodie Bags


A couple of weeks ago I sent off some business cards and samples to go in goodie bags for the Handm@de craft fairs.


I sent 200 business cards and 10 keyrings to be divided up between the bags for each of the three Handm@de fairs.

pink and blue keyrings

Lemonade Award


I was given my first blog award! The lovely Izabela at Blue Fish Handmade very kindly chose me for the Lemonade award.  Apparantly a lemonade award is given to bloggers who show a positive attitude and/or gratidude 🙂 Thank you Izabela!

Buttons and Eggcups!

Yesterday Joe and I went to Sheepdrove farm for their lambing day and they had some craft stalls where we “had” to buy a few things.

Our first buy was these amazing wooden buttons:


There were all kinds of lovely things on this stall and you should go and have a look at their website or find them on Not on the highstreet.

We also got these eggcups:


Wiltshire scrapstore

Yesterday my Fiance and I went to the Wiltshire scrapstore which is something we have been meaning to do for ages. We had a brilliant time and managed to get loads of stuff for our wedding.


The sack is mostly filled with scraps of fabric and felt for making bunting and flowers and the stack of records is probably my favourite find. They are for using as place mats for all the guests, which unfortunately is not my own idea. It’s a stolen idea that I came across somewhere on the internet a while ago.


I also got these for using as templates for making fabric flowers.

There are scrapstores all over the country and they collect scrap from local businesses, keeping it out of landfill. Ours had all kinds of things in and the staff were lovely. I would definitely recommend looking for one near you.

Birthday presents

Last week was my Fiance’s birthday and I decided that I would also make him a felt business card holder, as his current one was starting to fall apart in his bag. The image on the front is the logo for his business selling cards and things (more on this to come).


On the inside I decided to add two pockets so that he could fit more cards in, or carry some of mine to promote me! 🙂


I’m really pleased with how it turned out, and hopefully it will survive being in his bag, at least for a little while.

I also made him a tiny birthday card as he LOVES tiny things! I decided that I would do a miniture version of one of his own cards.


I even printed out a tiny first class stamp to go on the envelope!


House of Bartlett


Last week Dale, Glenda and Brian went to St Ive’s to stay with Kay at House of Bartlett. Hopefully they won’t get too comfortable as they are looking for some lovely kind people to adopt them and give them good homes.


My fiance also took some of his cards and magnets to go in the shop, and so we are both looking forward to hear that things have sold as this is our first time selling things in a “real” shop!


The owner of the shop, Kay, is a crafter herself and makes all kinds of lovely things, including these gorgeous bears, so make sure you go and check out her website.

I Took The Handmade Pledge!
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