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I’ve moved!


Due to having changed my name from ‘Jenny’s Textiles’ to ‘Junky Chicken’ (and having changed my surname!), my blog has now moved. You can now find me here. I hope you all come with me, see you there!


Lisa Hannigan

It’s been a while I know, but here’s a blog post! πŸ™‚

As well as writing and singing some pretty awesome songs, Lisa Hannigan is also awesome in a crafty way so I thought she deserved a blog post. Just in case anyone who’s reading this hasn’t heard of her before.

Firstly is her album cover which she embroidered herself:

Apparently she also embroided all the liner notes!

Some craftyness also features in two of her music videos. “I don’t know” has her making an amazing paper cut.

And “Lille” has some pop up books.

Watch them both as they are brilliant!

Wedding things


If you are a family member/friend who might not want things about the wedding given away, such as my wedding attire and the like, you may want to avoid this post!

If you are nosey, or if I only exist on the internet for you, then read on…

This week three of the saris that we bought on ebay arrived. They took forever to find in the colours that I wanted but they are here at last πŸ˜€


There is still a fourth one on it’s way, which will hopefully arrive soon, and I have yet to make a final decision on which pattern I want to use, but I now at last have some thing to make my dress from!


Autonomous Artisans


I have been mentioned on the Autonomous Artisans blog! It is very exciting as I read the blog every day and so it’s amazing to see myself on there πŸ™‚ Thelma was the lucky chicken to be spotted on Flickr and shown on the blog.

Fairy door


My Mum (my best customer!) commisioned me to make this salt dough fairy door as an easter gift for a friends little girl. Unfortunately this is the best picture I have of it, as I never got round to taking one of it in the light box. It really is better in real life!

First Folksy Sale!

I logged into my Folksy account today and found I had made my first sale! πŸ˜€


Rupert was the lucky chicken that was picked for adoption, and I only put him up for sale on Folksy last night!

Albert & Gertrude

I have just listed two chicken paperweights in my Folksy shop. Firstly is Albert. He likes muddy puddles and poetry.


The second new memberΒ  of the flock is Gertrude. Her favourite things are Metallica and bubble baths.


I Took The Handmade Pledge!
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